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The survey will be the most important utilisation of time on any site as it provides an opportunity to collect all the evidence for pest activity and information on the enviroment in which it exists. Some pests or signs of their presence can be easily seen and a visual survey is sufficent to identify them.

Others are much smaller and it may be necessary to use additional equipment to detect them. Methods we use include dummy baits for rodents and tracking dust to detect their movement and activity as we do not believe in using poisons just for the sake of it.

The purpose of the survey is also to note proofing defects, hygiene deficiencies, potential food sources and to eliminate possible harbourage. Potential hazards will be identified; for example contamination of water, food, equipment, presence of non-target species and possible contamination of the enviroment (drains etc.).

A plan of the site is also made at this stage so that signs of pest activity and potential positions of monitors and control points can be clearly marked, both for the pest technican and the customer's information. Source of activity, location, extent of harbourage points, breeding sites, possible population size, life cycle stage, and the susceptibility of various stages of the life cycle will be identified and taken into consideration, and discussed fully before any decisions are made as to whether action is needed or appropriate. All our surveys are free and if you have any questions regarding pest issues it costs nothing to ask and we are only to happy to answer your query.

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